Maritime Lands, sailing around Puglia + Dvd

De Napoli Luca
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Formato 24 x 24 cm, 120 pagine stampate su carta patinata in edizione rilegata con spirale e contenuto in un elegante astuccio rigido stampato e plastificato.
Copertina in robusto cartoncino stampato e plastificato.
Al suo interno è custodito un DVD contenente un videoracconto di Luca De Napoli in ligua inglese.
Videobook di Luca De Napoli
Testi di: Eugenio d'Amico
A journey of one hundred or more landings around the coast of Puglia undertaken by Luca De Napoli through years of solitary searching, accompanied just by the cries of the seagulls, the sighing and slapping of sails in the wind, or the gentle throb of a fishing boat’s engine, capturing on film the emotions made of the play of light pervaded by the wind, the odour of the sea and the sun, of myrtle and thyme.
They say that Puglia should be called Puglias because there are so many different regions to this land which stretches along a coastline of more than eight hundred kilometers between the Adriatic and Ionian seas. It is made up of golden sands and beaches of smooth white pebbles alternating with red earth descending almost to the sea, giving life to vines and olives; cultivated fields and sandy dunes covered with Mediterranean maquis creating a barrier from the sea, with sand bars trapping the coastal waters and forming salt water lakes and marsh lands; high rocky coast lines and steep cliffs on which ancient towns sit with a sheer drop to the sea. These areas are different also because of the different origins and cultures of its peoples, since, while in ancient times the land was divided between the Daunians in the north, the Peucetii in the centre and the Messapians in the south, layers of later history with the Romans first, and the Norman-Swabian culture later, particularly influenced the north; the south was permeated more by Greek and Byzantine culture, especially in Salento.
Eugenio d'Amico
AutoreDe Napoli Luca
Data pubblicazione2008
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