Salento by 5 - Friendship, Food, Music, and travel whitin the hell of Italy's boot

Fielding Audrey - Cacciatore Luciana
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pp. 172, b/w and col. ill., cm 18x22 Salento by 5 delivers well-crafted tales that appeal to all the senses from steaming mussels and freshly baked bread to traditional folk music and jagged stones underfoot in the sparkling Adriatic and Ionian Seas. The authors’ great love of and respect for the region shine through in both the prose and artwork, and the five different voices in this book dive into the traditions, customs, and cuisine of Puglia like no other I’ve seen. It’s simply a must-read for anyone interested in southern Italy. -Michelle Fabio What a charming and unique travel memoir with stories written by an American couple and the close friends they made during their trips to the Salento. You’ll soon be falling under the spell of this special place and the people who inhabit it. Viana La Place, author of My Italian Garden "Salento by 5 is an evocative feast for the senses: from vivid prose to imaginative sketches to mouth-watering recipes and much more, the heel of Italy’s boot has never seemed more appealing and alive." --David Farley, author of An Irreverent Curiosity There is so much I love about Salento By 5: revealed traditions from a part of Italy many don’t visit, stories of history that dig deep to explain what one no longer sees, and sensory features celebrating unforgettable flavors, evocative smells, and exquisite sights, all captured in the voices of savvy travelers and generous locals. The book’s comprehensive and authentic portrait introduces Salento fittingly and makes it a must-read for those who travel by book or by plane..

AutoreFielding Audrey, Cacciatore Luciana
Data pubblicazione14/11/2018
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